Customs clearance broker&Logistic service

Customs clearance

EXCLUSIVE GROUP CONSULTING provides reliable customs clearance services at most major airports and seaports in Uzbekistan, helping importers with the clearance of their goods and products coming from other countries.

Working in partnership with our own selected partners in all ports, we can offer a "one-time solution" for any import clearance requirements you may have. We can provide free advice and guidance for complex customs clearance process, make recommendations on documentary requirements to classify your goods, to get the correct commodity code or tariff rate, and also help you to calculate and pay import duty and / or import VAT in HM Revenue and Customs.

Regardless of whether you are a importer for the first time or someone who imports on a regular basis, EXCLUSIVE GROUP CONSULTING can be your agent in customs clearance for any import arriving in Uzbekistan. Full coverage in the UK means we can quickly and efficiently handle the customs clearance of your goods as well as even handle the delivery of your goods to their final location after the goods leave customs.

Exclusive  Group Consulting  has professional

Broker services

For clients who prefer to make their own decisions about buying or selling financial instruments, create personal investment portfolios and be free to choose valuation strategies. We provide access to all major financial and capital markets, as well as to low-cost trading conditions and solutions that provide convenient trading using electronic platforms or brokerage assistance.

Exlusive group consulting is a full-featured multi-asset brokerage company with 15 years of corporate history and extensive experience in international financial and capital markets, offering a wide range of storage, clearing and brokerage services in all major investment markets. Our 24-hour trading Desk supports clients trading in all time zones in all markets.

Our global brokerage center offers a wide range of asset classes, market coverage, direct market access and specialized execution services through our global network of contractors. Our dynamic, transparent, personalized approach, experience and innovative brokerage philosophy ensure the highest standard execution and customer service.

Exclusive group consulting manages the Agency execution model, this eliminating any conflict of interest existing in the market model, offering customers more advanced trading solutions.

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