Documents for accreditation

The application ( company form and must be translated into Uzbek or Russian language)


  1. Information about foreign company
  2. Address of the head office of the foreign company
  3. Telephone and email
  4. Foreign company information of total number of staff
  5. Activities
  6. Information about the owners of the company
  7. Main instance of the company ( branch offices ,addresses)
  8. The all information of the company
  9. Detail information on business or relations of Uzbek
  10. The period when to open a representative office is request
  11. Period for when permission for open a representative office request
  12. Document confirm official registration in county of the foreign country (application of the company certificate of state registration for new company
  13. Foreign company to register head of representative office need company passport
  14. Regulation representative office company`s management
  15. Letter for legal guarantee of person the Uzbekistan Republic , if the owner no residential must has contract for rent office, it letter of guarantee must be with the owner . Letter of entity must be signature of individual notarize.
  16. Documents refer in to paragraph two or three in the form of notarize copy legalize in the country of the company by consular office of the Uzbekistan Republic.
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