Register Company foreign Investors

Registration company with foreign investments JV , registration of foreign company and investments in Uzbekistan it is must fulfill three conditions.


  1. Size of charter capital must be not less than 75.000 usd.
  2. One of Founder must be foreign company
  3. Share of this foreign company need at least 30% of total capital

Options of legal form of company foreign investments.

Form of the LLC, JV LLC

Registration conditions:

  • Size of authorize capital of the company must be not the amount to 75.000 USD .
  • The founders of the joint venture must be a foreign company authorize capital 30%
  • Foreign FE LLC form company

Registration conditions:

The size of authorize capital company must be not less 75.000 USD total share. The registration of FE LLC company with foreign investments is registration the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan Republic.

Documents for registration:

  • Different names of your company which you like
  • Distribution of founders how much shares have founders in the company
  • Information on the amount authorize capital
  • Passport copy of Director new corporation

Documents of paragraph 5-6 must be stamp with apostil of the official registration country. Our service include ready all documents for you , all procedures consulting and reserve name of your company . We preparation all documents you need only to call us or send request on our web page. Preparation all documents in English and Russian.Delivery documents to Ministry of Justice.

Bank account open for your company.

Granting permission for manufactory

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