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Welcome to Exclusive Group Consulting. We will  help you start your new company correctly. First, we would like to say that it is a good choice to establish your company in Uzbekistan, because the best option to start working with the company and start working in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is open to Arabian , European and American markets and Government transactions. Exclusive group consulting helps you get started and offers all services in one place.

To set up your company in Uzbekistan, you need to know the types of companies, the required corporate documents and some simple information about the company headquarters and the later stages of the enterprise, and then complete all the procedures.

Types of companies in Uzbekistan

It is a company set up to do business with a specific company name, and the liability of any shareholder is limited solely to the capital that is paid by the shareholders. There is no minimum capital requirement.

Limited company

It is an enterprise established, and the shareholder's liability is limited to the capital paid by the shareholders. For this the company needs one person and capital in the amount of 1 000 USD and for two people requires a capital of not less than 10 000 USD.

Anonymous company

In this company, the company's capital is divided into shares, and the shareholder's liability is limited to the capital paid by the shareholders. To create such a company requires at least five shareholders and a capital of at least us $ 50,000. The mandatory bodies of the company are the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board.

Documents required to establish a company

To set up a company for you in Uzbekistan, you need have a valid passport and we get  for you all the documentation which  must  be  for set up your company. Below is a list of requested documents:

  • Copy and passport translation
  • Your tax number (we create for you)
  • Permit to stay in Uzbekistan
  • Residence permit for 3 days after entry into Uzbekistan

Headquarters of the company

In the legislation of Uzbekistan, each company must have its headquarters. If you do not have a place or if you have not yet decided where will be  your real company is located, you can use the default address, which we register for you. This is only the address of your unusable office, you can use it without problems or obstacles.
Capital Office 
Uzbekistan's laws assume that the company's minimum capital is $ 5,000, but since the company behaves towards capital, this company will not have much power, as the company's capital. When we creat  a company, 25% you  must credit  to bank account, and you need to replenish the authorized capital within a year.

Fee for the establishment of  our company

Our company provides all the necessary conditions to ensure that everything you need to start Your business is under our  protect, for more information to contact us.

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